Hats Off!

Celebrate the Graduating Class of 2022!

The Graduate

Skip the concession stand and treat the graduate in your life to tickets to a gourmet movie night. Catch a fun flick with the $25 Cineplex gift card and enjoy these mouth-watering snacks. The Cherry Vanilla Cola Squish Skulls are the yummiest spicy and sweet gummies, it’s hard not to eat the whole bag. Don't worry, we didn't forget the popcorn! Toronto Popcorn's gourmet Sea Salt and Maple Popcorn is the perfect balance of salty and sweet that makes this treat a real showstopper.

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Sugar 101

The learning never stops. We're offering lessons in all things sweet with this delicious combination! Celebrate with the most irresistible, buttery chocolate chip shortbread cookie you will ever try. Step up your sweet game with Centre & Mains rich and heavenly triple caramel chocolate bar. Top off the celebration with some edible confetti, not only does it look pretty but this flavor of Toronto Popcorn is one of our favourites, we give this sweet and salty blend an A++ !

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Smart Cookie

We are celebrating all the smart cookies in the graduating class of 2022. Some ideas are worth writing down which is why we've added this clever high-end notebook, with a stunning matching gemstone pen. We've thrown in a small, delicious box of the Cookie It Up shortbread cookies, for some sustenance, and sweetness- now THAT's a million dollar idea!

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Gift the Moments That Matter

Whether it’s photo’s of graduation or memories along the way, each gift box you create gives you space to include two photos. Add your own or choose from our unique designs to make your box unforgettable.